How does Gympass work for gyms?

By paying a single monthly fee, you have access to several solutions to stay active and healthy: In-person classes at partners’ gyms and studios. On-site classes at partner gyms, studios, and Personal Trainers to do your activity at home, with the peace of mind of being guided by qualified professionals.

How do gyms get paid by Gympass?

Let’s find out. Gympass makes money from the fees employers pay to use its platform. This profitably allows the company employees to get discounted rates to any gym or wellness provider on the Gympass platform.

Can you go in gym with Gympass?

Open the Gympass app and sign in; Click on the Check-in button at the bottom of the screen; Search and select the gym or studio you are at and the activity you want; Click on the Confirm option and you’re done.

How much do companies pay for Gympass?

Employee Subsidized Pricing

Membership Tiers Blue365 Member Price Employee Subsidized Pricing
Basic $29.99 $24.99
Bronze $59.99 $44.99
Silver $89.99 $79.99
Gold $169.99 $139.99

Can you use Gympass without a company?

While anyone can register for an account with Gympass or access the website, you cannot purchase a Gympass subscription to access the Gympass Services unless you have been provided access through a participating organization such as, for example, your employer, a partner of your employer, or some other organization …

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Is LA Fitness part of Gympass?

Gympass announced a collaboration with Fitness International, LLC, which owns the LA Fitness, City Sports Club and Esporta Fitness brands.

What companies use Gympass?

Current clients include Santander, Accenture, Unilever, KPMG, and McDonalds. Additionally, Gympass signed new deals with major partners in the US including Barry’s, SoulCycle, F45, and Strava for fitness, and Calm, LifeSum, and Fabulous and more to fuel its rapid expansion into holistic wellbeing.

How do you use Gympass?

Simply visit the specific gym page via the Gympass app and follow the specific instructions for each gym/ studio. Many gyms will instruct you to call or email in advance. You can also walk in to a gym and sign up right there – if the class has space!

Does Gympass include swimming?

Gympass is your way to access a huge range of activities and group classes, such as swimming, yoga, cycling and dance. Once you have a Gympass membership, you can refer up to 3 family members to enjoy great savings too!

What apps are available on Gympass?

As a Gympass member, you get access to premium apps like Calm and Sworkit. Feel better every day with guided meditations, virtual fitness classes, individual therapy, and so much more.

Can family members use Gympass?

Your family, specifically spouses, and children, can be added as dependents. Dependents can choose from the same Gympass plans offered to account holders. Plans start at only $9.99 a month. … Each family member will be able to check-in separately to their different gyms and studios.

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Can I cancel Gympass anytime?

You can make changes to your plan at any time by logging into your account. Select Profile > My Plan > Change or Cancel Plan. If you need assistance or have questions, contact … Please be sure to make any changes to your plan prior to this date.

Is Gympass real?

Gympass is a membership health and fitness provider

Gympass offers its members unlimited access to a variety of different fitness programs. The company has established a network of 11,700 gyms that it works with. Members may choose from 570 different fitness activities to participate.