How many gyms are there in the UK?

In the UK, there are around 7,200 fitness clubs and Gyms in the UK. Around 10.3 million people in the UK are members of Gyms.

How many private gyms are in the UK?

At last count the UK had 7,239 gyms, with around two-thirds run privately and the rest by councils or operators on their behalf. With 10.4m memberships, it is an £8bn-a-year industry that employs around 190,000 people – double that, if the likes of personal trainers are included.

How many gyms are there in 2019 UK?

The number of fitness facilities in the UK is up from 7,038 to 7,239 this year.

How big is the gym industry in the UK?

Gyms & Fitness Centres in the UK – Market Size 2010–2028

$1.3bn Gyms & Fitness Centres in the UK Market Size in 2021
-43.3% Gyms & Fitness Centres in the UK Market Size Growth in 2021
-7.9% Gyms & Fitness Centres in the UK Annualized Market Size Growth 2016–2021
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How many gyms are there?

There are 103,626 Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs businesses in the US as of 2021, an increase of 1.6% from 2020.

How many gyms are there in 2021 UK?

As a result, the number of gyms in the United Kingdom fell from 3,654 in 2020 to an estimated 3,610 in 2021.

Who has the most gyms in the UK?

In May 2015, PureGym acquired all gyms from rival UK fitness chain LA Fitness, bringing the total number of gyms across the UK to 141. As of December 2021, PureGym had 307 gyms with more than one million members, making it the largest operator of gyms across the United Kingdom.

Who uses the gym the most?

Young adults (18-34 years old) are the largest age group who frequent the gym at 60.60%. This is followed by the 35 to 54 age group at 30.70% (IHRSA, 2020). Meanwhile, members under 18 years of age make up 16.10% (IHRSA, 2020).

How many CrossFit gyms are there in the UK?

At the time of writing, there are currently over 500 CrossFit affiliates in the UK, almost 3000 in larger Europe and approximately 13,000 worldwide.

How many members does the average gym have UK?

This statistic displays the average number of members per gym in The Gym Group in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2012 to 2016. In 2016, the average number of memberships per fitness club in The Gym Group amounted to 5250.

Whats the most popular gym in the UK?

PureGym has been around for over a decade now and is becoming one of the go-to gyms when it comes to cheap membership. In fact, in terms of membership, it’s the biggest gym chain in the UK with over one million members.

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How many personal trainers are there in the UK?

– There are over 13,770 registered personal trainers in the UK.

How many gyms are there in the world?

A 2020 report on the global gym industry estimates there are a total of 205,176 gyms in the world. An increase of 12.11% from the 183,000 gyms available worldwide in 2014. The country with the most gyms is the United States with 41,370 locations.

Which city has the most gyms?

Top 10 Most Active Cities in America

  1. Los Angeles, CA. LA tops the list with 87% of Angelenos working out at least once a week. …
  2. San Francisco, CA. …
  3. San Diego, CA. …
  4. Denver, CO. …
  5. Washington, DC. …
  6. Oakland, CA. …
  7. Chicago, IL. …
  8. New York, NY.