Are Bowflex Power Rods interchangeable?

Can you replace the rods on a Bowflex?

Bowflex Power Rods carry a lifetime warranty. Bowflex will normally replace a rod for free if it broke on its own, and may ask for the Power Rod back to examine it.

Can Bowflex Power Pro be upgraded?

Please note the Power Rods for the Bowflex Classic, PR1000, PR3000, Power Pro, Motivator 2 and the Conquest home gyms cannot be upgraded.

Do Bowflex rods lose resistance?

Over time with use, the rods do loose tension, hence our Power Rod Rejuvenator product to add more life to your rods.

Do Bowflex rods have a lifetime warranty?

All Bowflex Power Rods have a limited lifetime warranty. You will need to reach out to Bowflex Customer Service for replacements!

How long do power rods last?

Low enrichment fuel rods last about 3 to 8 years – eg in commercial power plants.

How long are Bowflex Power Rods?

Enhance your purchase

Material Other
Item Dimensions LxWxH 54 x 34 x 73 inches
Weight Limit 310 Pounds
Finish Type Black Oxide
Sleeve Length 2 Inches

Can you add more weight to Bowflex?

Yes the 210 – 310lb power rod upgrade is compatible with the Bowflex Ultimate. To order the upgrade, please call our Customer Care department at 1-800-605-3369.

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