Who has the most gyms in UK?

Which company has the most gyms in the UK?

Pure Gym has become the largest gym operator in the UK with over 500,000 members, the Leeds-based firm claimed today, just six years after it opened its doors. The business, which operates 91 24-hour gyms across the country, opened 24 new gyms last year at sites including London, Greater Manchester and Birmingham.

Which place has the most gyms?

Interesting Gym Facts

Minnesota has the most gyms for its population size, while New York has the least. The United States has more fitness centers than any other country in the world.

What are the most popular gyms in the UK?

Biggest companies in the Gyms & Fitness Centres industry in the UK. The companies holding the largest market share in the Gyms & Fitness Centres in the UK industry include Nuffield Health, David Lloyd Leisure Ltd, Pure Gym Ltd, Virgin Active Ltd, The Gym Group plc and Bannatyne Fitness Ltd.

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How many gyms are there in the UK?

In the UK, there are around 7,200 fitness clubs and Gyms in the UK. Around 10.3 million people in the UK are members of Gyms.

Who is the biggest gym in the UK?

PureGym Limited is a chain of no frills health clubs in the United Kingdom. The chain is based in headquartered in Leeds, West Yorkshire, with additional offices in London and Southampton. It is Britain’s largest gym chain by membership, with over 1,000,000 members registered to their gyms.

Who is pure gyms target market?

To first define the most relevant topics for its audience of 18- to 34-year-olds, Pure Gym used social listening tools to analyse fitness conversations happening on Twitter.

Which city has the most gyms?

Top 10 Most Active Cities in America

  1. Los Angeles, CA. LA tops the list with 87% of Angelenos working out at least once a week. …
  2. San Francisco, CA. …
  3. San Diego, CA. …
  4. Denver, CO. …
  5. Washington, DC. …
  6. Oakland, CA. …
  7. Chicago, IL. …
  8. New York, NY.

Who has the most gyms nationwide?

Connecticut has the most gym chains — only missing two: 24 Hour Fitness and Life Time Fitness.

What’s the biggest gym chain?

24 Hour Fitness is the largest privately held fitness chain. Its 400+ clubs can be found in 17 states (as well as Asia as “California Fitness” clubs).

What age group goes to the gym the most UK?

The age of the most frequent gym users across the UK is 72 years old, at eight visits per month * Those aged 70-79 are the decade most frequently using the gyms at 7.5 days a month on average. ** Over 65’s are the most frequent users across all UK clubs.

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How big is the fitness industry UK?

While the market size of the fitness club industry in the United Kingdom grew to above two billion British pounds in the years leading up the pandemic, forecasts suggest that the value of the industry will fall to 1.62 billion British pounds in 2021.

Characteristic Market size in billion British poinds

How many pure gyms are there in the UK?

Our Brands. PureGym is the UK’s largest private gym operator, both by number of gyms and members. As of 31 December 2020 the company operated 286 gyms.

What percentage of UK goes to the gym?

Gym membership stats might surprise

In the United States around 45 million adults (approx. 14 per cent of the population) have a gym membership, while in the UK 4.5 million adults (approx. 7 per cent of the population) have a membership.

How many gyms are there in 2021 UK?

As a result, the number of gyms in the United Kingdom fell from 3,654 in 2020 to an estimated 3,610 in 2021.

How many members does the average gym have UK?

This statistic displays the average number of members per gym in The Gym Group in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2012 to 2016. In 2016, the average number of memberships per fitness club in The Gym Group amounted to 5250.